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ERGAN Board Roles and Responsibilities

In April 2021, ERGAN will transition to its fourth board term, which goes through March 2023. Below you will find all the positions that make up the ERGAN board. If you are interested in taking on one of these positions for the 2021-23 term period, please reach out to Rashmi at If you'd like to join the team, but not sure of a specific position, reach out to us anyway! 

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The President is the principal officer of ERGAN, guiding the initiatives the board takes on throughout the year and and chairing all board meetings. S/he is the main liaison between ERG faculty and staff and attends ERG's monthly Executive Committee Meeting. S/he ensures the completion and submission of the ERGAN's annual documents, including the Alumni page in ERG's Commencement Guide, Annual Report to Alumni, and the registration as a UC support group. Lastly, s/he encourages and supports the action of other board members in their focal areas.


The Secretary is the main record keeper of ERGAN, maintaining meeting minutes, recording action items decided in meetings, votes, and next steps. The Secretary also leads the preparation of the Annual Report. The Annual Report is a summary of events, achievements, updates, and memorials in the ERG and ERGAN communities. 


The Treasurer manages the finances of ERGAN.  This includes accounting for expenses and incoming funds, advising the board on our financial situation, and reminding the network to pay their dues.  Specific actions of the treasure also include preparing the budget and financial year in review for the annual report, processing expenses, and managing the bank account.

Special Projects 

The SPO is a versatile doer. Rather than holding regular duties, the SPO floats to areas that the Board needs. Example include undertaking short-term liaison responsibilities, launching new initiatives, coordinating special committees, or trying to revive wayward projects. For exmaple, the SPO has served as the ERG liaison, has helped to plan a Big Event, has launched the Where ERGies Work series, and served as the initial coordinator for cohort ambassadors. That's what makes the SPO position fun: it's what you make it.


The Communications officer manages ERGANs official communications channels. These include: inquires to, Newsletter, Social Media channels, and announcements through the email lists. The communications officer also collects alumni notes for the annual report each year.

Intellectual Networking

The Inellectual Networking officer works on programs to emncourage and facilitate intellectual networking among ERG alumni, through events and/or other communications or programs. This includes supporting the Where ERGies work series. This officer also participates in managing the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook groups.


The Events Chair plans and facilitates recurring and ad hoc ERGie events to ensure connection within and amongst the ERG community. Recurring events are not set in stone, but previously we have tried to have recurring events around themes (e.g. Where ERGies Work, or the ERG Alumni Panels at Colloquium). Ad hoc events can be anything from impromptu happy hours, hikes, camping trips, etc. The Events Chair is also expected to play a supporting role for the Little Event (every ~2.5 years) and the Big Event (every 5 years). Additionally, the Events Chair is expected to maintain communication with Cohort and Geographic Ambassadors to try to spur events outside of the area or cohort specific events. 

Student-Alumni Relations

The student-alumni relations chair is a laison between the current student body, both Masters and PhD students, and the ERGAN board.  Specific responsiblities include maintaining and improving upon mentorship programs between alumni and curretn students, gathering information from students on various proposals, relaying the student perspective to the board, and helping graduating students bridge into the ERGAN alumni network.


The Webmaster maintains ERGAN's web presence by assisting Board members with content development & posting, secure membership database maintenance and updates, running dues payment reports. The Webmaster also responds to member e-mails and requests for new accounts, password resets, and other member field updates as necessary by monitoring the administrative e-mail account.

Big Event

The Big Event Chair will take the lead in organizing the Big Event, to take place in 2023. Similar in size and scope to the Big Event in 2015, this position will be in charge of bringing all the components of a Big Event together, including in-person and virtual gatherings, lectures, intellectual networking, and tours. The Big Event Chair is not expected to do all the planning on their own, but instead pull a team together and lead the team through planning and execution of the event.


The Fundraising Chair is in charge of supporting ERG's development program. They act as the key alumni liaison during the annual Big Give and lead other fundraising initiatives throughout the year. They work closely with the Diversity & Inclusion chair to ensure that funds are directed to students most in need. 

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion chair is responsible for advocating, updating, delegating actions for, and keeping ERGAN accountable to the ERGAN JEDI Principles and Strategy. They ensure ERGAN representation on the ERG Diversity and Development standing committees.

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